From Classroom to Bookshelf: Meet Robert Sutro!

Meet Robert Sutro!

A National Board Certified kindergarten teacher and an exceptional children’s book author!

As an educator and writer, Robert is passionate about nurturing and fostering the natural curiosity and love for learning that young children possess.

Robert’s focus is on social-emotional learning, which is vital in developing the essential skills and dispositions that children need to become well-adjusted, empathetic, and responsible members of a community. His books, including Pigsy the Rainbow Piglet, BoBo the Can-Do Cat, Seastellar and Diggity Dog, and Pippity Pup: An Apology Story, are written to encourage children’s emotional intelligence, compassion, and social understanding.

Activity Books!

His activity books for children are designed to help them prepare for the exciting adventures that await them at school. He believes that the way we nurture and develop our children’s social and emotional well-being is crucial in creating a just and peaceful future for all. Join Robert in his mission to help children become emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and socially attuned individuals who understand that we are all one community.

Let’s see some of the awesome work he did!


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