I read books and I know things!

Jane was always a smart kid. Even from a young age, she loved reading books and learning new things. So, when her friend Sara asked her about her books, Jane was very excited.

I read books and I know things is a simple story of two friends. One of them is fond of reading and knows many things.

I read books and I know things! Have you read this story before???

Let’s read to today together with Jane and Sara.

“I know about many things, I always wanted to share my passion of reading with someone” Jane said.

Sara said, “What type of books do you read?”

Jane said, “I mostly read science books”.

“Sara, you should really read more science books,” Jane said. “It’s so important to stay up-to-date what is happening around you and why it happens.”

“I know, I know, Why do you think reading science books is important? ” Sara replied. “But it’s just so boring! I can’t seem to get interested in any of them.”

Jane laughed. “That’s not true at all! Reading science books can be really fun. You get to learn about all sorts of new things, and you can even test out your own theories sometimes.”

“I Sometimes get bored!” Sara said.

“That’s because you’re reading the wrong ones,” she said. “You need to find books that are fun and engaging, not just educational.” As a matter of fact, books are fun to read.

Sara thought about this for a moment. “You’re right,” she said. “I’ll try harder to find science books that I actually want to read.”

“Science is the key to understanding our world. If we want to make things better, we need to understand how things work.”

Sara thought about that for a moment. “Okay, I see your point. Maybe you’re right. I’ll try reading one of your books then.”

Sara asked her, “Do you have a book where I can learn how heart works?”

“I know how heart works,” Jane said with pride. “It pumps blood throughout the body.”

Sara was amazed. She had no idea that books could teach you such interesting things.

“Well,” Jane began, “I know how the heart works.” She could see the look of excitement on Sara’s face as she eagerly leaned in closer to hear more.

“The heart is like a muscle,” Jane continued, “and it needs exercise in order to stay healthy.”

She could tell that Sara was fascinated by what she was saying and wanted to know more.

“When you eat good food and get plenty of exercise, your heart gets stronger and can pump blood through your body better.”

So, I read books and I know things! ends. But the story of two friends starts where they read books and learn many things together.

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